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We demand climate action TODAY!

We are ordinary Canadians stepping into nonviolent civil disobedience to get urgent government action on the climate crisis, starting with the formation of a permanent, professional national firefighting agency sized to meet the enormity of the crisis.

The climate crisis is real and it is now. We face the consequences daily. Canadians are dealing with Fire, Flood, & Drought because our governments have been failing us for decades. Until we zero our emissions it will keep getting worse.

Canada is on Fire!

We need a national firefighting agency properly sized to meet the growing threat.
















History Repeating

If the name On2Ottawa sounds familiar to you congratulations, you know your Canadian history!

During the depths of the Great Depression, and before Canada had a social safety net, relief camps were the only government support for unemployed men. In exchange for labour they were fed and housed and received a small wage. In 1935, upset by the working conditions and poor pay, relief camp workers went on strike. They realised that in order to effect change they needed to get the government's attention so 1000 striking workers set out from Vancouver to Ottawa riding on boxcars. The original On-to-Ottawa Trek was born.

Although their trek was stopped by police in Regina, the actions of the original Trekkers and the heightened public awareness that resulted, lead to a reexamining of the state's responsibilities vis-à-vis citizen protection from extreme poverty. This in turn lead to the welfare state that we now have.

Almost 90 years later we find the Canadian governments unable and/or unwilling to address the urgent need to reduce our green house gas emissions in order to maintain a climate capable of supporting life as we know it. Our governments have broken the Social Contract by failing in their duty to protect their citizens. Worse yet, we are almost out of time. If we are to avoid the worst of climate change our GHG emissions must peak no later than 2025. The time has come for another trip to Ottawa!

Join us, as we take lessons from the past and apply them to the climate crisis!